Petition for Statutory Duty to Retreat in California
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Created Jan. 29, 2023 | Adapted for Web Nov. 3, 2023 Duty to ...

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Ban Styrofoam in California Restaurants
Petition to Gavin Newsom

You walk up to your favorite place for takeout and receive a ...

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Fund the Circulation of Information About Local Elections
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American voters are under-educated on their local ballot measures. To combat this, ...

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Recognize Election Day as a National Holiday
Petition to Ted Lieu

America prides itself on its democracy and the ability to give everyday ...

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LAPD Officers Should Be Annually Tested For Bias
Petition to Michel Moore

Implicit bias is an underlying and unconscious bias, often based on stereotypes, ...

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Institute the Mandatory Nationwide Use of Up-to-Date Police Body Cameras and Body Camera Policies
Petition to United States Congress

Due to the recent events involving the deaths of George Floyd and ...

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Make Citizen’s Arrests Illegal in California
Petition to Gavin Newsom

The Ahmaud Arbery case brought to light the dangers and inequity of ...

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Release Police Body Camera Footage Within 48 Hours of a Public Request
Petition to United States Congress

Police body cameras are an excellent resource to keep police accountable and ...

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